Stubborn Mule (Clark)

Stubborn Mule

by Frances Clark

Stubborn Mule (Clark)



Stubborn Mule by American composer Frances Clark is a Modern era work from her method called The Music Tree. It’s a Primary work featuring Partial Staff Notation, Melodic 2nds and Blocked 2nds.



Leveling Information

Detailed information about the difficulty level for Stubborn Mule, including all of its elements and their levels.

Final Level

Level 1 - Primary

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A listing of all of the elements used in Stubborn Mule and their difficulty level.

Element Level
Blocked 2nds Level 1
Forte Level 1
Half Notes Level 1
Melodic 2nds Level 1
Partial Staff Notation Level 1
Quarter Notes Level 1

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Label Data
Catalogue Number None
Alternate Title None
Era 20th Century
Year Composed Unknown
Year Published 1955
Publisher Summy-Birchard Music
Key Unknown
Time Signature Unknown
Number of Measures Unknown
Tempo Indication Unknown
Instrumentation Solo Piano

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