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This Press Kit was last updated on May 13, 2021.

What is our Press Kit?

This Press Kit features Piano Music Database facts, a basic description, and media like logos and website screenshots.

Piano Music Database Press Kit

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Piano Music Database Facts

Release Date : 2021

Development Starting Date : May 3, 2020

Developers : William Perry (Founder, Owner, Developer), Derek Perry (Developer), Theresa Perry (Database Editor)

Development Location : Remote Work within the USA (Ohio & Florida)

Platform Description : Responsive, highly-compatible website for any desktop (PC/Mac/Linux) and mobile (iOS/Android/other) internet browsers

Regular Price : Free to Use, Ad-Supported, Donation-Supported

Target Audience : Piano Teachers, Piano Students, Piano Hobbyists, Piano Professionals, Piano Skeptics

Website :

Developer Contact :

Piano Music Database Description

A Comprehensive Database of Piano Music

Piano Music Database (PMD) was founded in May of 2020 with the mission to organize the world’s piano music to make it easier to search and understand.

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Piano Music Database Quotes

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– Unknown Artist

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