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Why Should I Become a Sponsor?

If you believe in the mission of Piano Music Database to make piano music easily searchable, you want to take an active role in the development of this project or you just want to support us financially, becoming a sponsor is the best way you can help! As a Sponsor, you have a direct say in how the database develops overtime, both in terms of determining the new collections we add and also how we organize our data. Sponsorship is our first step towards our greater vision of making the database governed and sourced by its users. In addition to the benefits of database governance, sponsors also get access to private forums and early access to all new features.

What Do I Get as a Free Member?

Free membership is the most basic. It allows you to participate in the public forums and to have your own profile. As the site grows and develops overtime, more features will be added to free memberships. Becoming a Sponsor gives you access to the most features.