Piano Music Database Memberships

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Post on public forums
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$5 per month

Everything in free accounts


Post on private Sponsors only forums
Access your history of viewed collections
Vote on database governance polls
Make Proposals to Be Voted On
Early Access to All New Features


What are the differences between the free account and the sponsor account?

The free account is the most basic. It allows you to participate in the public forums and to have your own profile on the site. As the site grows, more features will be added to the free account. The sponsor account gives you access to more features and is a mixture between a community, a beta tester program and a governance board. All features that come to free accounts in the future, will come first to sponsors. Sponsors also get to propose, discuss, and vote on new additions or changes to the database collections and framework. If you believe in the mission of PMD and want to help us grow quickly, becoming a sponsor and taking an active role in the community is the best way you can help!

What are the benefits of being a sponsor?

Your monthly membership allows you to propose and vote on new additions to the database collections including one-off works, entire sets, composers, themes, elements, and others. You’ll also be able to help us further develop the framework for the database, which includes changes and updates to the elements, moods, teaching tips, student preferences, videos, and other topics found in the database.

What can’t sponsors vote on?

Sponsors will not participate in making decisions related to the business concerns with Piano Music Database, LLC, including hiring, business finances, any products built or sold by Piano Music Database, LLC, advertising made by Piano Music Database, LLC, advertising on pianomusicdatabase.com, or investment decisions.