The Stubborn Mule (Clark)

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Stubborn Mule by American composer Frances Clark is a Modern era work from her method called The Music Tree. It’s a Primary work featuring Partial Staff Notation, Melodic 2nds and Blocked 2nds.

Men from Mars (Faber)

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Men from Mars by American composers Nancy Faber and Randall Faber is a Modern era work from their method called Piano Adventures. It’s a Primary work featuring Off Staff Notation and Bar Lines.

Lightly Row (Suzuki)

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Lightly Row by Japanese composer Shinichi Suzuki is a 20th Century era work from his method called Suzuki Piano School. It’s a Primary work featuring Rote, Play By Ear and Legato.

Carefree (Türk)

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Carefree by German composer Daniel Gottlob Türk is a Classical era stand-alone work. It’s an Early Elementary work featuring Elementary Single Note Accompaniment and Five Finger Scales.

Half Notes


Notes whose values half of whole note or double the length of quarter notes. They’re often the second note value a student learns.