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Two Note Slurs

Two notes connected together smoothly where the second note is played softer and lighter.


Notes whose values are determined by a subdivision into three-note groupings instead of two or four (e.g. three notes in the space of one).

Simple Two Voices in One Hand

When one or both hands play more than one voice at a time, usually briefly and using basic rhythms.

Quarter Note Parallel 3rds

Strings of any amount or quality of blocked 3rds played as quarter notes in only one hand at a time.


Musical embellishments added to the melody or harmony that serve to decorate, increase interest and allow performers to add their own unique expressiveness.

Major Scales

When major scales, in their entirety, are featured prominently within a work.

Left Hand Melody

Passages where the left hand plays the main melodic line and the right hand plays the accompaniment.

Intermediate Single Note Accompaniment

A type of texture where one hand plays a melodic line and the other plays an accompaniment that uses one note at a time and features intervals larger than 5ths, as well as multiple hand positions and varied rhythmic values.


A type of texture where a melody is supported by one or more voices, with all the voices following the same or similar rhythm.

Grace Notes

Small notes played slightly before main notes that they’re notated next to, which helps to embellish those main notes.

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