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      Rules for Getting Support on the Support Forum

      These rules apply only to this forum. They are in addition to the forum-wide rules, which also apply to this forum.

      1. Before asking your question, see if it’s already been answered by checking out the FAQ, or by searching the forums.
      2. Please use the support forum to discuss issues with USING the site, problems with your account or membership, broken links, or issues with the forums.
      3. Do NOT use the support forum to report incorrect data or missing data on collections. To report issues with data, fill out this form instead.
      4. Please be patient while waiting for an answer from us. We are an extremely small team and try to get to everything as quickly as possible.
      5. Do NOT use the support forum for anything other than support questions. Any off-topic posts will be deleted.
      6. Do NOT reply to another user’s support topic in order to ask your own question, related or not. Please start your own topic.
      7. Only reply to another user’s support topic IF you have an answer for them.
      8. Piano Music Database, LLC and its staff reserve the right to change or amend these rules as they see fit, and at anytime, to keep the forums focused, fun and safe for all users.
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